Welcome to The HYPP Site. We hope you enjoy your time visiting and that you will want to share your experiences and views on this equine mutation.

This site was developed at first to help make the public aware of HYPP. We are now adding new information as many people are now aware of HYPP and now would like facts on how to care for their horse. On the Following pages you can view information on the stallion which has been linked to this genetic mutation. You will find feeding tips, warning signs, letters from readers, HYPP message board, and HYPP Links. We want people to feel welcome to add their opinions on HYPP and experiences. There is no place for flaming on this site to ensure everyone feels at home here and free to voice there opinions in a mature way. We support all views on HYPP and neither is considered right or wrong. If you would like to add something to this site please feel free to email the webmaster.


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